Corporate Profile

Headquartered in Shenzhen the PRC, Sino Grandness is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of own-branded鲜绿园® (Garden Fresh) juices as well as canned fruits and vegetables. Since its establishment in 1997, the Group has rapidly grown to become one of the leading brands for loquat fruit juice in China as well as top exporters of canned asparagus, long beans and mushrooms from China. The Group’s products are distributed globally across Europe, North America and in Asia, in renowned supermarkets, discount stores and convenience stores including as Lidl, Rewe, Carrefour, Walmart, Huepeden, Coles, Jusco and Metro.

With stringent quality control and procedures implemented in its manufacturing processes, Sino Grandness’ canned products are compliant with international standards, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (“HACCP”) food safety system, British Retail Consortium (“BRC”), International Food Standard (“IFS”) and International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) certifications. As such, Sino Grandness is able to export its canned products to customers globally including the European Union, which has enforced import restrictions (commonly known as “Green Barriers”) since 2000 on the grounds of environmental and food safety issues.

Sino Grandness’ production plants in China are strategically located in four provinces, namely Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan and Hubei – all of which are key agricultural belts. The production bases straddle different climatic regions so that production activities can be carried throughout the year.

In 2010, the Group successfully launched its own-branded bottled juices Garden Fresh, comprising unique fruits such as loquat and hawthorn to target the huge domestic consumer base in China. In recognition of the Group’s R&D and brand building efforts, Garden Fresh juices have been accorded the “Innovative, Outstanding and Nutritious Award” by the PRC Food Industry in 2010 as well as “Top 100 Brand in China” by the joint agency of Global times, Asia Brand Association and China Economic Herald in 2013.